Egg Farm

EGG FARM, Vitality's original two-man show, written and performed by Bill Heck and Nick Mills, directed by Wes Grantom, was shown at the 2009 New York International Fringe Festival. This was the first bi-coastal production between LA's VITALITY Productions and New York City's Slant Theatre Project, two production companies started by alumni from the University of Evansville Theater program.

Two actors: many people. Think Sweeney Todd meets Brecht meets YOU, set in a dark, funny, and bloody future. Come secure the success of humanity for only a small, one-time fee: YOUR LIFE.

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Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy was an extreme success! Thanks to our loyal VP attendees we were able to raise over $1,500 to benefit our future documentary on the Equestrian Connection, a therapeutic riding center for the disabled.


The Receptionist

The Receptionist, a comedic fairy tale short written and directed by Nick Mills about red flowers, a boy named Coit and the future of pornography. The Receptionist, along with four other shorts by up and coming filmmakers, will have a screening the first week of May at the Regent Showcase Theater in a little town we like to call "Hollywood."


The Credeaux Canvas

Les Spindle of writes:

"When the sweetness of 20-something impetuousness meets the sobering reality of adult responsibilities, the rite of passage can be traumatic. Keith Bunin's witty and heart-rending play uses the notion of artifice in art as a metaphor for emotional self-delusion, as three close-knit young people learn about moral and social responsibility the hard way. The debuting Vitality Productions fashions a sensitive and tasteful rendition of this seriocomic piece. Director Carrie Preston and her fine ensemble peel off Kunin's rich layers of thematic musings with insight and style."

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Evil Cheerleaders

Boys' Life

Les Spindle of writes:

"Howard Korder's 1988 dramedy about the libidinous growing pains of 20-something men feels like a descendant of the works of Jules Feiffer. Its string of boisterously played vignettes recalls the quick bursts of cynical humor in Feiffer's long-running magazine cartoons, while its caustic view of sexual politics stirs memories of Feiffer's screenplay for the 1971 film Carnal Knowledge, albeit in a softer vein. Though this Peter Pan-syndrome story boasts moments of hilarity and sharp insight, it hasn't fully stood the test of time. Nonetheless, director Bill Heck's revival provides a solid vehicle for an exceptional ensemble."

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